is a strategic
IR and financial & corporate
communication company

T.W.I.N offers a customer experience where integrated business, marketing, communication and finance knowledge can lead to an increase in the value of the company as well as in visibility and reputation, achieving a correct appreciation of the firm.
T.W.I.N offers:

  • Investor & Stakeholder relations
  • Training in IR, financial and corporate communication & media relations
  • Social and online communication, digital IR
  • Strategic corporate/brand building and reputation consultancy
  • Press office & media relations
  • Onsite & digital events


T.W.I.N offers an integrated range of services, customized to suit clients’ needs, combining coordinated corporate offline and online financial communication plans, effective global investor relations, media relations and Italian/international event organization.

The T.W.I.N approach

A company is not simply a collection of numbers, words and images. Before setting up a strategy for any company, it is vital to have a profound knowledge of its culture, people, values, attitude and key strategic elements.
It is for this reason that we want to become part of our clients’ enterprises, being present within the company.

Step 1


A deep induction in the company’s business, people and processes

Step 2


Mapping strengths and weaknesses of the company

Step 3


Developing a communication project respecting the company’s identity, enhancing its core values

Step 4


Selecting the right tools and channels to develop an efficient execution strategy, communicating to different stakeholders’ targets

Step 5


Having a clear communication agenda, a shared project with the company to reach the goal