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T.W.I.N supports companies and organizations in enhancing their business models, developing integrated financial and corporate communication strategies and investor relations. T.W.I.N services are capable of strengthening the clients’ positive reputation, structuring a platform for continuous and constructive dialogue with the financial community as well as specialized press and market opinion leaders

Service 1

Investor & Stakeholder relations


Investor relations is a strategic management responsibility capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders to achieve a fair valuation.

Service 2

ir, financial and corporate communication & media relations training


T.W.I.N creates customised, ad hoc in-company training for managers, supporting them as senior professionals and providing high levels of tutorship. The training period includes the setting of objectives, periodic monitoring and daily assistance to ensure the best growth of the talent.

Service 3

social and online communication, digital ir


People no longer search for and buy mere products, but instead look to form relationships with brands through the stories they live and tell.
Online and offline are two integrated and complementary ways of creating and growing these experiences. The financial market, consisting as it does of real people, is no different.
Contemporary corporate and financial communication no longer distinguishes between online and offline communication. That’s why being active on social media with a long-term and effective online strategy is key for a company or a brand.

Service 4

strategic corporate/brand building and reputation consultancy


Maintaining coherence between identity and image means being able to correctly transmit the identity perception of the values of an organization and to align the behavior of all of its members. As the Balmer and Soenen model teaches, a brand and its corporate identity are supported by three layers: the soul, the mind and the voice. T.W.I.N supports companies in creating and maintaining coherence of soul – synthesis of guiding values and the culture and history of the company; their mind – expression of vision, philosophy, strategy and decisions taken based on other factors such as product performance and leadership style; and voice, synthesis of all communicative manifestations.

Service 5

press office & media relations


Transforming company information into news to be communicated to target press is key to enhancing brand reputation and visibility, as well as building efficient storydoing. T.W.I.N and the professionals that collaborate with the firm have a strong track record in financial press office and media relations, crafting the message from the heart of the information and adapting it to different types of media audience. T.W.I.N adopts the approach of brand journalism with its clients: we work side by side with the company’s employees, blending with executives and HR/communication teams, ensuring a long-lasting value relationship.

Service 6

onsite and digital events


Whether an internal meeting or an international convention, T.W.I.N has the right plan. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”: each company is different and, when it comes to events, every detail counts. From the choice of location to building the topics of the day together with the client, to the choice of the event’s suppliers: everything communicates something about you. You can’t leave anything to chance, but you can leave it to us. With over 10 years of experience in high-level exclusive business events, T.W.I.N is the perfect partner to make your event original, truly content-based and directed towards your business targets, building relationships for you.



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