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T.W.I.N offers services where the integration of business, marketing, communication, and finance knowledge allows the development of projects to support the proper valuation and positioning of companies

Corporate Communication

Believing corporate communication is fundamental for proper positioning and reputation of every company, we manage and coordinate all internal and external communications to create value and consensus among stakeholders. The service includes numerous activities that communicate image, purpose, vision, and mission consistently

Media Relations

To develop the media approach, we start with assessing and designing the communication potential. We ask our clients to share business performance and project information, setting regular communication and dialogue moments. We select information relevant to journalists, transform it into news, and maintain continuity with target media, Tier1. Direct knowledge exchange between company executives and journalists is essential and regularly conducted. This begins with media training tailored to spokesperson’s needs

Investor Relations

We develop and implement communication and financial visibility plans to enhance the value of listed companies, supporting existing company professionals (Investor Relations Manager or CFO) or taking complete charge. Properly positioning the listed stock concerning industry peers, creating attention and credibility for the financial instrument, and promoting a stable, liquid market with a diverse shareholder base are our objectives. We assist the issuer in placing subsequent capital increases or operations aimed at increasing the float

Online & Offline Communication

Building credibility is fundamental for individuals and companies and involves numerous communication channels. In today’s circular corporate and financial communication, online and offline aspects are closely integrated and complement each other. The distinction between listeners and speakers has faded, and everyone can share personal experiences. This concept applies to products, services, and even the financial sector. Being active on social media, listening, engaging in online conversations, involving influencers and bloggers, and utilizing digital channels are crucial, interconnected activities to achieve objectives

Communication & Investor Relations Training

T.W.I.N. designs customized in-house training programs for managers, supporting them with senior professionals and providing high levels of mentorship. The training period includes goal definition, periodic monitoring, and daily assistance to ensure talent’s best growth

Sustainability & ESG Project Communication

Establishing a sustainability strategy that engages stakeholders requires listening and vision. Sustainability demands a systemic approach and opposes short-termism. A sustainability strategy should encompass programs with both short-term and medium-long term development capabilities. Selecting stakeholders with whom strengthening relationships is crucial ensures efficient resource use and keeps the organization focused on its priorities. In today’s complex and fragmented world, cultivating and consolidating relationships with internal and external audiences is increasingly vital for all organizations (profit, non-profit, public, and private). Communication undoubtedly supports and fulfills this objective


We elaborate and coordinate complex communication projects that may involve other consultants with whom we collaborate occasionally or continuously. Depending on the company’s lifecycle stage, we support management in crisis planning, M&A plan creation, stakeholder consensus plans, and strategic and industrial plan communication (lobbying activity)

Physical, Digital, and Phygital Events

An integrated and multi-channel communication contributes to creating and conveying the company’s overall vision: identity, values, and culture. This opportunity, if entrusted to expert minds and utilized correctly, becomes a powerful lever for creating value. Remember, reputation is an intangible value built every day and fueled by credibility and trust. Transparency and responsible behaviors, effectively communicated across different channels, become impactful and highly positioning

Personal & Corporate Branding

Maintaining coherence between identity and image means accurately conveying an organization’s values perception and aligning behaviors of all its members. As Balmer and Soenen’s model teaches, a brand and its corporate identity consist of three layers: soul, mind, and voice. At T.W.I.N, we support companies in creating and maintaining soul coherence, synthesizing guiding values, culture, and the company’s history; mind coherence, expressing vision, philosophy, strategy, and decisions based on other factors, such as leadership style; voice coherence, synthesizing all communication manifestations