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Investor Relations

Sviluppiamo e realizziamo piani di comunicazione e visibilità finanziaria a supporto della valorizzazione delle società quotate, affiancando figure professionali esistenti in azienda (Investor Relations Manager o CFO), o prendendone completamente carico. In particolare, riteniamo di poter posizionare correttamente il titolo quotato rispetto ai peers di settore, creando attenzione e credibilità sullo strumento finanziario, per promuovere un mercato liquido, stabile e con una base solida diversificata di azionisti. Aiutiamo l'emittente nella collocazione di successivi aumenti di capitale o operazioni volte all’aumento del flottante

At T.W.I.N, we believe in positioning your company’s equity story accurately, emphasizing all the necessary points to convey the proper valuation of your business. We maintain constant dialogue with both buy-side and sell-side players, creating credibility and reputation for both your company and management.

With our experience and ongoing work with companies listed on Euronext Milan, Euronext Star Milan, Euronext Growth Milan, and Euronext Growth Paris, we have also worked on IPOs and Double listings on the American market NYSE.

Depending on your company’s lifecycle stage, we offer a range of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Building national and/or international mailing lists of fund managers.
  • Conducting targeting activities.
  • Developing and distributing newsletters.
  • Writing and distributing price-sensitive press releases.
  • Writing and distributing regulatory announcements.
  • Supporting Top Management in broker management (analysts, consensus, research reviews).
  • Calculating and updating consensus estimates.
  • Organizing company visits.
  • Preparing Investor Perception Studies.
  • Implementing Digital IR strategies (equity story dissemination through social and IR web platforms, involving economic and financial bloggers).
  • Selecting peers and conducting relevant valuations.
  • Identifying target equity conferences and developing a participation calendar.
  • Organizing roadshows or one-to-one meetings.

We have served clients listed on the following markets:

NYSE - Servizi IPO New York Stock Exchange NYSWEuronext Growth Milan - Servizi IPO Euronext Growth MilanoEuronext Star Milan - Servizi IPO Euronext Star Milano

For more details about our Investor Relations services and how we can support your company’s growth and success, please reach out to us. We work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their unique needs and objectives, fostering strong investor relationships and enhancing shareholder value.